GeoTel Borehole Monitoring


Correct borehole monitoring and management is often-neglected. Numerous case studies indicate that monitoring could have prevented the excessive dropping of a borehole’s water level, deterioration of water quality or even prevented aquifer/borehole collapse.

Once off measurements of a borehole’s water level, particularly in a production borehole, are inadequate for monitoring purposes. The use of water level and water quality data loggers is recommended. In many instances the reading of the loggers is done at monthly intervals. However there are situations where borehole water levels need to be accessed essentially instantly and also by a number of relevant specialists and managers. This application is typically required at guest lodges, bottling plants, farms and municipal supply boreholes.

GeoTel Systems (Pty) Ltd. was setup to design and develop products to allow for real-time continuous borehole monitoring. Borehole water levels, borehole flow, temperature and other data is collected. The GeoTel controller transmits data via GSM networks and radio linkage can be used if GSM coverage is poor. The data is securely stored with high levels of confidentiality.

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